Monday, April 6, 2015

~ around here lately ~




Around here lately I'm still not finding time to blog at least weekly (which is my aim).
These are some catch-ups from the last two weeks - including a lovely long weekend up north for Easter.

1.  He wanted new sand shoes with laces.  I showed him twice and then he taught himself how to tie them in less than an hour.

2.  Beautiful dahlias, snail mail and a miraculously tidy kitchen table.  (We've actually got two rectangular tables in the space at the moment as we look for a large square one to fill the room).

3.  I had a night in Melbourne and had a fun afternoon at the park with my brother and his little family.  

4.  Lovely new magazines (my friend Sarah is featured in Fete this month) and coffee

5.  My little family at Baker's beach on Easter Sunday - it was a gorgeous day and we walked through the National Park first (spotting loads of birds, wallabies and gross caterpillars but fortunately no snakes) before hitting the beach.

6.  She needs time alone (just like her mama)

7.  Baker's beach track

8 and 9.  Easter egg cartons and small crates for the children and the in laws

10.  Gorgeous autumn light over the paddocks from my sister-in-laws farm house,

11.  Windflowers in my garden


  1. Your shoe-lace teaching aid is great. I haven't seen one like that before. It obviously does the trick too. I ate waaaay too much chocolate this Easter. I'll be getting a week long headache any second now ha ha. Great photos Xx


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