Tuesday, April 28, 2015

~ taking stock - April 2015 ~

Making : a sour cream and lemon cake for dinner tonight - so good (and so easy)
Cooking : lots of soup - perfect weather for it
Drinking : peppermint tea
Reading: A Fine Balance  - my bookclub book this month  - such fascinating reading
Wanting: some new jeans that fit well and look good
Looking: at the pretty leaves lying in our backyard
Playing: Mozart's piano concerto no 21 on the Sonos (when I'm alone at home)
Deciding: to get up earlier every day so I can have some quiet morning time before the rush
Wishing: there was no such thing as the death penalty
Enjoying: the Gilmore girls on Gem in the afternoons
Waiting: for soccer season to start
Liking: those new sea-salt Lindt balls
Wondering: how many is too many
Loving: the autumn colours everywhere
Pondering: the weird things people share on facebook
Considering: not being on facebook for a while
Buying: stationery - I'm addicted
Watching: Pitch Perfect with the girls and deciding its not really suitable for them
Hoping: for good weather at Freycinet this weekend
Marvelling: at the platypus we "met" at the Salmon Ponds at the weekend
Cringing: when I hear "youse" and "gunna" on the radio
Needing: nothing really at all
Questioning: whether my niggly back will settle or whether I should book some physio
Smelling: our smoky fire
Wearing: layers
Following: my daugher on IG - she opened her account this week and she's let me follow her
Noticing: how grubby Jack can get from doing not much at all
Knowing: that we're super lucky to live in Australia
Thinking: about caring for the dying (part of this weekend's conference)
Admiring: how well Lily is coping with high school
Sorting: paper work for my BAS
Getting: frustrated with my computer that keeps freezing
Bookmarking: wintery type recipes
Coveting: a quilt by this lady
Disliking: yelling in the mornings
Opening: packets of new tights for chilly days
Giggling: at the questions Jack asks in the mornings
Feeling: like he's growing up too fast
Snacking: granny smith apples with peanut butter
Helping: with tricky homework questions
Hearing: the kettle boiling - tea is on its way


  1. love the photo & the cake sounds divine :)

  2. 'Gunna' and 'youse' makes me cringe too!!!!!!!!! And when folks say 'I seen that....", instead of 'I saw...". Love that photo by the way!

  3. I went on Facebook once and jumped off and have never been on again, I find it hard enough to blog and instagram and keep up;) I felt the same about Pitch Perfect with my youngest too argh. I have been really enjoying your Autumn photos Ally:) xxx


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