Saturday, April 11, 2015

~ 10 on 10 - April 2015 ~

Ten on ten.
A collection of images (at least 10) to document my day on the 10th of the month.
The ordinary, the fascinating, the every day.
This was a Friday in the school holidays.

8.26 - on the way to the cafe for coffee after gym
8.45 am - latte at Ginger Brown
9.24 am  snail mail ready to post
9.34 am on the way back from the post office
9.43 walking in our autumn neighbourhood
11.05 am teaching herself guitar

12.18 pm planting some seeds for our herb garden
12.52 pm not all the pots got used for seeds ... meet Bill
1.52 pm  Not Easter chocolate

2.22 pm serious construction work
2.56 pm it's Friday - there's always time for faffing on Fridays
3.15 pm afternoon tea - spicy rhubarb cake

3.15 pm on the other side of the afterrnon tea table - domino racing
3.22pm afternoon autumn light
4.01pm our lives on the fridge

4.47pm texting in the afternoon light


  1. such a lovely project - love the autumn leaves & the light in the last photo is beautiful

  2. a lovely way to share your day with us all. Thank you


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