Sunday, March 22, 2015

~ around here lately ~

I've already posted a picture of these on my joyful post last week but I loved this one too  - and it shows the last time I got to use my dotty sugar bowl as I dropped it this week and smashed the lid - I'm so sad!

He just can't get enough of reading at the moment - he fits right in around here.

Pompom dahlias from our neighbour's garden (she lets me help myself...I pay her back with dessert every so often) and eggs in the new $6 easter basket from Woolies that I brought home this week (now housing all my washi tape).

He taught himself how to fold paper planes from this kit this week.  And over the weekend he's made and flown at least 40 of them.  They're like the tennis balls and mostly end up on the roof or over the neighbour's fence - lucky we get along well with them.

Really happy with how this one turned out - the orange nylon was a bit thick but I loved the colours together - I'm onto the next one already - so obsessed.

This is an installation out at MONA at the moment - Amarna by James Turrell.  It was magical to sit on the (heated!) concrete benches at sunset and watch the colours change.

 I made a little nest for my mini-eggs (which I cannot resist buying - especially in those little boxes).

 Little pieces of me on the bookcase - spoons, washi tape, flowers, nature in the home and some camera love.

Gracie made a hot air balloon for a school project - one of my little baskets fitted in perfectly.


  1. How awesome is that camera print!!! I want one!!
    And that hot air balloon..superb! Lovely images, naturally Xx

  2. beautiful - I love the dahlias & your plate...

  3. Those dahlias are so pretty! I bought the same basket last year from Woolies... mine holds my knitting :)


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