Sunday, March 1, 2015

~ snippets as February ends ~

1. and 2.  Yesterday I did a basket making workshop with Ruth Woods as part of the Launchpad workshops here in Hobart - so much fun.  The top photo is the basket I made yesterday (with quite a few helpful tips and instructions) and the next one is the one I made last night on the couch... I think I've caught the bug.

3.  Can't live without it!  Love the colours in this shot at Machine Cafe (an old favourite that I rarely get back to these days).

4.  It feels like we haven't had nearly enough clear, bright, sunny days this year - so many grey days that make it feel more like England than home.  This was earlier in the week  - cloud gazing and soaking up the vitamin D

5.  Blackberry and lemon muffins (I am a little obsessed at the moment) - this was my made up combination - yum!

6.  Jack's teddy from school this week.  Already his class have done more art than they did all of last year ..I'm loving these teachers a lot.

7.  Snail mail in - it was a month of love letters in our collective this month

8.  The last of cecile for the season I think

9.  The view from my carpark  - I walk past the marina to work - this week I had such a short week as I was called to school to pick up a sick child (luckily not too sick).  Such a disruption to my day and all my patients but what to do??

Hope your week was fabulous.
Are you looking forward to autumn?


  1. Very much looking forward to autumn and some cooler days. The view from your car park is stunning! I would love to make baskets too - yours are great and wonderfully photographed Ally. Love your roses!

  2. beautiful pictures, love the flowers.


  3. I'm very glad autumn is here!! I too am loving the art Grace is bringing home this year... such a hands on learning environment with her class growing vegetables and plants and crystals and having lots of fun experiences xx

  4. I love your baskets. You're so clever x

  5. beautiful images - the muffins sound delish :)


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