Tuesday, March 10, 2015

~ ten on ten - March 2015 ~

7.02 am - my new favourite breakfast

8.16am - Peacock Jetty - too beautiful to ignore

8.27am - time for coffee on the way to work

8.29 am - coffee love

8.56 am  through the car park to my rooms

1.45pm - on the way to the washing line

2.52pm - when your shoes match the fallen twig

3.40 pm - journalling and afternoon tea

3.41 pm - the actual tea


4.45 pm - maths homework and messy plaits

5.38pm - last minute snail mailing for the day

6.06 pm - dinner prep and window gazing

6.22pm - a new to us dinner option - thumbs up all round

Three months in a row - I'm very impressed with myself

I love the ability of this project to elevate the ordinary, the everyday to something more.

Even if I'm the only one who sees the "more"


  1. gorgeous series & yay! for three months in a row :)

  2. I enjoy seeing how people spend their days, lovely snaps Ally x

  3. lots of pretty things in your day-it's good to stop & notice them.


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