Monday, May 12, 2014

~ this week ~

This week we;

- climbed the Eiffel Tower (well, caught the elevator actually but we did walk down the 700 steps from the second stage).  It is simply amazing how captivating the tower is - every time we catch a glimpse I'm still all girlishly excited by it. 

- wandered through Monmartre

- ran into more than a few spring cute is this couple?

- gasped at pretty windows, doorways and even garden sheds (so much more romantic than ours!).  My camera roll is full of shots if walls and windows (and strategically placed bicycles) 

- ate the best breakfast ever

- turned up at the Louvre twice (it was shut the first may have been our last gallery/museum visit too as Grace has declared that "museums are boring and only for really old people")

- walked into far too many boulangers and consequently ate a ridiculous number of croissants/ crepes/baguettes

- drove on the wrong right side of the road for 700 km (the Doc not me, I've got road fright)

We're now in the Dordogne region- it's so pretty. We've got a week here exploring and then we head further south. 


  1. Fantastic photos, love the look of the breakfast all laid out beautifully. Happy Travels! xo

  2. Oh I'm having so much fun living through your beautiful photos. Those watering cans and glass bottles, oh my! Hope you're having an amazing time. xx

  3. It all looks so pretty Ally and that breakfast looks delicious. Oh my about driving on the wrong side of the road, scary I'm sure I would do something like that;) Enjoy the rest of your travels. xx

  4. Oh how gorgeous. I am so envious right now - have a ball xx


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