Friday, May 23, 2014

~ lately ~

It wasn't an auspicious start to our week in San Sebastián - the GPS took us the wrong way down a one way street and then had us parking in a pedestrian mall outside our apartment!

Fortunately it's improved since then. 

We've lapsed into Spanish time (thanks to shutters that block out ALL the morning light...and the fact that nothing opens for dinner until after 8.30pm and so even the kids are up until after 10 every night. And they're not alone...the streets are full of people promenading, wandering, gelati searching...) and have settled nicely into San Sebastián where there really isn't much to do beyond enjoying the beach, the walking, the good and the icecream. 

We're still finding our rhythm to this holiday/adventure. I am fighting the tendency to mild anxiety if we're not doing SOMETHING cultural or specifically Spanish (...or French/Finnish .. depending), the children are slowly adapting to a life without routines and we're working on their ability to wander without purpose (In other words the endless refrains of Where are we going? When will we get there? What are we going next? are diminishing). The Doc is just being with us, being in the moment, not being at work...really just what this was all about. 

We wander, we wonder, we observe the new, the different, the down right odd and we learn. 

About other countries. Other lives.  Ourselves. 

(Photos La Concha beach and the carousel on the waterfront, playing with shapes, Hondarribia, Getaria, our local grocer, wall wanderings, laneways in the old town, tulips at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, wandering feet)



  1. I have been here years ago when.I was young and single, a nice place to visit have fun and thanks for sharing fab photos ;)

  2. Looks & sounds wonderful!

    & that's something I have to struggle with sometimes too - the idea that I should be doing/seeing something specific all the time, rather than just enjoying he experience.

  3. Sounds & looks like you're having a wonderful time!

  4. loving all your photos (here and on the family travel blog), Ali :)
    Spain looks gorgoeus.

  5. So wonderful.
    So so wonderful.

  6. Big hello from the HCC immunisation team. We are freezing in the Collegiate Hall waiting for children wondering how your trip is. Amazing photos! Love Jan, Pam, Simone and Kellie


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