Thursday, May 8, 2014

~ spring in Giverny ~

It's pretty on a very grand scale.

Floral abundance to make you giddy.

I wandered and gazed (busily dreaming of transforming my little garden into an impressionistic painting).  It was my children who ran round snapping photos (taking more shots than me!) captivated by the beauty, marvelling at all they could see.  They were far more taken with the actual garden than with any of the paintings we'd seen (in Melbourne at the big exhibition last year or just this week at the D'Orsay).

Me?  I think an original Monet would go very nicely in our living room.

And while I'm waiting to win lotto I'll be mass planting with tulips, lupins, forget me nots, roses, pansies, wall flowers .... and finding room for a wisteria covered bridge.


  1. Ally I'm drooling over your pictures. You're making me want to pack my bags and fly over :) You have a digital Monet right there in your photo if the lake! Sounds like you and the family are having an absolute ball!

    Sophie xo

  2. it looks absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Beautiful photos of a lovely garden!

  4. Ally you must be in photography heaven with all of those beautiful flowers to take photos of. xx


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