Saturday, May 17, 2014

~ Market towns ~


Each of the little bastide towns in our area runs a local market at least once a week. It's mostly local produce...fresh veggies, cheeses, cured meats, tins of foie gras ...but some other non-traditional (to my eyes anyway) stuff is sneaking in. 

Despite markets being top of Jack's "I never want to go to one again" list (whereas Gracie has museums on hers) we managed to get to a few this week (the bribe of fresh, sweet strawberries and the town's version of the walnut tart has worked a treat).  And a shoulder ride so that the view is not just legs, legs, legs always helps. 

We sampled the markets of Beaumont (amazing fresh not's just not that appealing!),  Les Eyzies (accidentally purchased $70 worth of cheese here), Sarlat (on crazy Saturday and the quieter Wednesday...when we found that amazing tart in the bottom picture) and our base town of Monpazier. 

We tried duck sausage (but not the kangaroo!), all sorts of tapenades and terrines, super sweet nougat, the sweetest strawberries and that fabulous cheese. We made fabulous picnics and even cooked at home a few times. 

Not foie gras though. Just can't do it!


  1. Very nice pictures. Very appetizing! Does not look like an untrained photographer. I am blogging on farmers' markets around the world (, and I am happy to see this article.

  2. Yum, I can almost smell and taste it!

  3. Your photos are a visual feast - that tart....drool...
    I've not met a little (or big) boy who DID like a market.
    - De

  4. Those tomatoes are amazing! Does anyone know the variety?


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