Thursday, October 3, 2013

~ garden mood board September/October 2013 ~

I had to race into the garden between squally showers to rescue a few precious flowers for the vases - spring storms are lashing our city and gardens... I feel lucky that there's anything left to show.

Once again, this didn't turn out quite how I had it planned in my mind (I'm not sure why I'm surprised - my photos rarely live up to how my mind thinks they will look).  Does anyone else have that problem?

In the end the floral chaos is a fairly accurate representation of my spring garden though - lots of pinks and blues  - and not much that is very ordered.  Here's last years from the same time of year

How does your garden grow?
I share a garden mood board every month with Asa and Karin 


  1. They are beautiful Ally and so much better that they are indoors for your pleasure instead of being weatherbeaten outside. Maybe a little more light might lift the photos even more.

    1. They do look a little flat on here - blogger is doing something weird to my photos I think??
      Much brighter in iphoto

  2. Beautiful shots of lovely flowers!

  3. These are beautiful, they look so pretty in all the different bottles and jars. xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Ally. I can't pick a fave :)

  5. just gorgeous :)

    usually if I have a very specific mental picture of what I expect a photo to look like, it doesn't, lol

  6. It really gives me spring feeling here in my autumn garden :-)

  7. Really cute! :) Well I always has problems with the light while photografing my moodboards ;)

  8. You photos and flowers are gorgeous. The colours are just perfect.


  9. "Floral chaos" is the best kind of chaos. Beautiful photos x

  10. I love how you've arranged them all in different jars. The eighth is my favourite, but they all look really lovely. :)


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