Sunday, October 6, 2013

~ stills from the school holidays ~


1/2.   Everyone who has walked into our kitchen this week has remarked at how amazing the clematis is looking.  2 months ago I was convinced it had died!  It's really hard to get a shot of it all as its creeping along the conifers and fence that line our driveway.

3.  School holiday lounging in hammocks - Lil is happiest with a book in her hand

4/5.   He didn't do a lot of painting at school this term as he's become nervous about getting it "wrong" .... we did lots last week and he finished the crazy cat he didn't try in class.  So proud of his determination.

6.  We've been playing lots of games as the weather's been foul - lots of old maid, mouse trap, hungry hippos and chinese checkers

7.  Blushing ranunculi that I don't remember planting.

8.  I made these cupcake sized sticky date puddings with caramel sauce (recipe here) - they were SO good.

9.  Because flowers make everyone (at least me) happier.

Its our first year of a four term school year and being on holiday in October feels slightly weird
We're not used to it - we're not used to the girls being away either - they left for a few nights to the cousins up north and the house felt very empty.

So we've been crafting and cooking, skipping and gardening, watching DVDs and reading and letting ourselves find a slower rhythm. 
We're looking forward to longer days with daylight savings (and hopefully some warmer weather). 

We've got another week of holidays to go - the wish-list (compiled by each child) still has beach walks, sleep overs, picnics, swims and MONA on it... I wonder how much we'll get done.

How's your week looking?
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  1. What a beautiful, colourful looking school holidays you're having! And that cake...oh my! Hope your week is a lovely one :) xx

  2. Those tulips and that painting!! So lovely xx

  3. I love the idea of lying in a hammock & reading a book. Love the crazy cat-good for him for giving it a go.

  4. I love the cat painting! And isn't it wonderful to be back on daylight savings, I'm so chuffed that it's fallen in the middle of holidays this time - not having to adjust while going to work is a bit awesome! Lovely stills x

    1. Thanks Naomi - hope you're all refreshed for a big last term

  5. Absolutely lovely pictures!

  6. Your clematis looks stunning. What a wonderful view to have from your kitchen.

  7. Gorgeous! I very much want to be lounging in a hammock with a book too....

  8. Ah, I've just started my school holidays. After a full on study week, I'm looking forward to a break!
    The ranunculus looks beautiful, not many of ours survived the early arrival of warm weather.


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