Sunday, October 20, 2013

~ this week (welll some of it) in pictures ~



1.  The anniversary poppies in the afternoon light on the (amazingly clear) table

2,3,4.  School swimming carnival this week - the green team (ours) didn't come last for the first time in our memories - very happy girls.  I didn't see that much of the actual racing (but a huge thanks to my lovely friend for the photos)   - I was at the results table noting arm numbers and times - totally exhausted by the end of the day.

5.  I finally found a home for the postcrossing postcards - and they're filed in order of country - amazing how just a little bit of organising can feel like such a big achievement (or is that just me?).   I love all the stamps - Australian ones are a bit boring at the moment.  Did you know its now $2.60 to post a postcard overseas... I may well be cutting back on the postcard hobby.

6.  At the park today - pirate swinging like crazy girls (but taking care of their little brother too).

7.  He visited the farm school this week - his favourite thing was patting the enormous white rabbit   (but he made me a plasticine cute).

8.  There are crab-apple trees bursting in to blossom all around town - so pretty.

I've just about finished my week of solo-parenting - it's been exhausting (and part of the reason I haven't been taking so many shots).    Thankfully the Doc is home from Darwin tonight.  

Jack turns 5 this week and is having a party at the gymnastics centre with his whole kinder class - I can feel another busy week coming on!

How's your week looking?

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  1. I love the poppies they're so graceful aren't they? I also had a solo parenting week was tough.... X

  2. gorgeous flower photos, as always, & I love the plasticine sheep- very sweet. I'm just heading into a solo parent week, so I should probably get to bed!

  3. The poppies are beautiful, a very lovely photo Ally. It looks lovely and green there in Tassie too ......

  4. love these gorgeous captures. the photo of the post makes me all sorts of nostalgic. what a lovely (though solo and exhausting) week you've had. xo

  5. These are such lovely captures, I especially love your poppies, just gorgeous x

  6. Beautiful shots!! Yay green team!!

    And yes, i had noticed postage has increased significantly. Beautiful moments Ally xx

  7. Gorgeous poppies and blossoms. the garden is so beautiful at this time of the year.

  8. just had a huge memory coming back of crab apple fights with my friends growing up! The best!! Lovely stills. X

  9. Whoa, it's $2.60? Over here in the US, it's $1.10 to send internationally, and I think that's expensive. :/

  10. absolutely adoring your stills this week, what a BEAUTIFUL collection, thanks so much for linking up, it's lovely to have you!

    The composition, the colour- so wonderful

    xo em

  11. Lovely shots - I've done the recording stint at swimming carnivals for a few years now. It definitely makes the day go fast! :)


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