Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~ 5 is so grown up...and yet, so not ~

My baby turned 5 yesterday.
Already 5 is a bundle of contradictions.
(the biggest one being it seems like only yesterday I was bringing him home from hospital and yet here we are planning a birthday party with a 5 cake for 22 friends)

He is determined to be a big boy, to do things on his own... and yet his hand reaches for mine before any new situation.

He is funny and loves to makes jokes and perform....but he hates people looking at him (or worse laughing at him).

He is quiet and cautious, a watcher and a thinker... and yet as soon as he is comfortable he's brave and fierce and in there being with all his might.

He's a lover of boy toys - of cars, balls and loud things ...and yet he loves to play babies and families with his sisters.

He loves blue and green and "hates" pink... and yet he swapped pjs with his sister the other night and she wore the blue stripes and he wore the polka dot nightie.

He's a rule follower and enforcer, he loves to do things the "right way", he likes to be good... but for other people and not at home.

He can smell out biscuits, lollies or icecream from miles away and will try anything once ... unless, of course,  its meat, vegetable, fruit or something I've cooked.

He's taught us more than we've taught him.
He fills our house with love and laughter.
I think 5 is going to be fun.


  1. Beautiful! Happy 5th birthday to your little man! My little miss turned four yesterday! :) xx

  2. 5 is wonderful. I love how open we are as parents to be able to embrace all our children teach us. It's such a blessing. Enjoy time with your amazing 5 year old xx

  3. I love this post. So special to keep a record of who he is right now. Happy Birthday mr 5.

  4. Lovely post. Such a beautiful photo. Happy Birthday to your boy

  5. I think boys and girls are so different, at 5 my girl is NOT like this, but maybe my two boys will be!!!

  6. How lovely, happy 5th birthday!

  7. quiet, cautious, brave and fierce. he is perfection! xx

  8. 5 is a lovely age ... my baby is 13 now ...but it also feels like yesterday that I was bringing him home from hospital.

  9. This is a beautiful post Ally:) Happy 5th birthday to your sweet fierce little one, may 5 be all kinds of fun. Have a great day celebrating with your friends. xx

  10. Happy belated birthday! Your boy sounds like a big dollop of awesomesauce. x


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