Sunday, October 13, 2013

~ our week in stills ~




1.  I fell in love with this print several months ago and it just got delivered this week (the artist spent a long time hand colouring it!) - I love how its making the tv corner less techo oriented!

2.  It came with a lot of bubble-wrap.  Kept them amused for quite a while.

3.  Cooking at the park with our discarded coffee cups

4.  School holiday crafting with friends

5.  Boy + girl as we headed out for Friday night pizza

6.  Little athletics - our first time - lots of fun

7.  The little pink bedside locker was my present for our 7th wedding anniversary - I adore it.  And the poppies.  I'm reading "flight behaviour" by Barbara Kingsolver - such an interesting read - highly recommended so far.

8 and 9.  The anniversary poppies - with irresitable gelati colours, hairy legs and awesome light.

Back to school tomorrow for 4th term - everyone's looking forward to it which is great.  The doc heads to Darwin for his annual conference and I'll be doing the gym, swimming, ballet run - and writing some more letters.

How's your week looking?
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  1. Ohh, your home looks so pretty and perfect! Love that print and the little pink bedside is just adorable :)

  2. Love that print & the poppies are just gorgeous :)

  3. LOVE your poppies! Hope you have another good week!

  4. Beautiful print - gorgeous colours! Looks like you had a lovely week with many fun things going on. Love the poppies.

    My week was busy, lots of work and some really beautiful fall days! xo

  5. WOW Ally that is one stunning drawing! And those hairy legs are the most beautiful I've seen :) A lovely week to you...

    Sophie xo

  6. Those poppy photos are simply amazing! And jumping on bubble wrap is fun for kids of all ages.

  7. You had me at pink saltwaters and hairy poppies! Love!! Ashley x

  8. Love your print in the tv corner, great addition to the wall- so lovely & colourful!
    Gorgeous poppies too- happy anniversary x

  9. Wow - love the detail in the last shot! Just lovely.


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