Tuesday, May 8, 2012

~ lovely mail ~

My love of getting something handwritten or pretty in the mail is well known. 
I stockpile cards and stationery and TRY to send out more than I get!
Not so long ago I discovered a project called the elevated envelope and jumped on board.
Its all about snail mail and in the most beautiful way.
Participants make and decorate their own envelopes to send around the world.

As usual for me, I procrastinated my way through the first few weeks/months of my project but the last few weeks saw me sewing and sticking like crazy to get my envelopes done.
The deadline was May 1st and I posted all mine the day before.

I've been very impatiently waiting for some mail love to hit the post box.
Today the first one arrived....and it wasn't even one from my list.  A very generous and kind lady called Elizabeth saw my comments about her beautiful envelopes and made another just for me.  I may have squealed at how lovely it was.

{this does not do it justice - it simply glows}

{its from Kent - how did Elizabeth know we lived there for a year?}

{a small cut out of a fairy on the reverse}

{I love this - a stamp made from one of her other painted and decorated envelopes}

I can't wait to see what other treasures will arrive in the next few weeks.
I hope mine (not even in the same league as these) find a happy home too.

Would you be interested in being part of a project like this?
Who was the last lucky person to receive real mail from  you?



  1. What a lovely thing to be a part of! When I was a young teenager, I loved to write letters to my friends in other parts of australia and my penpals OS. My sisters and I would cover our large dining room table with stickers and other embellishments and send very decorative letters. I havn't sent a hand written letter in ages! Although i do love to make cards still and send those. Not as many as I'd like to though.

    1. I think cards count Emma - especially if they are home made.

  2. Oh, how totally wonderful! I love to receive mail (of the non-bill variety) as well ... as for the last person to receive mail from me, it was probably D back when he still lived in the US (unless love notes hidden around house count?! - they were also for D btw) :)

    1. Glad they were for D - had me worried there!

  3. I sent you a voucher! lol... that was probably the last thing I posted...

    1. You send lots of lovely (and useful) mail

  4. How very exciting! This envelope is so beautiful and thoughtfully made. Sounds like a wonderful project to be a part of.

  5. Did I not comment on this yet? I must be losing my mind! I figured you wouldn't mind if I shared your address with one more stranger. When Elizabeth asked me for it, I was flabbergasted - I thought, ok, so you're at the level where you can just whip one more of these up? And to get it there so FAST?! Insane, generous, wonderful. So glad you joined us!

    1. Thanks Tara - I SO didn't mind you sharing my address. I will be grateful for that envelope and Elizabeth's kindness for a long time to come.
      I'm glad I joined too


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