Monday, May 21, 2012

~ capricious clematis ~


My wordless Wednesdays have been replaced by a snap-it post that I'm really enjoying...but I've been missing the flowers.

So.... here they are for mostly macro Monday.

I had a lovely weekend away at a conference up the east coast of Tassie - stunning scenery and some really interesting discussions.
I enjoyed the calm and the quiet - not to mention the company and the food.
I'm struggling to get back into the right head-space today... and the constant mummy refrain seems more insistent than ever - was I really missing it?

How is your Monday looking?



  1. Wonderfully done. I love #5, it looks like a light is shining on it.

  2. I'm getting into macro - feel so creative when working with macro.
    Love your floral creations, glad to hear you had a lovely weekend away from 'mummy space'.
    Lesley x.

  3. Beautiful detail, perspective and colours...
    Glad you enjoyed your calm and quiet.

  4. Aren't they the most beautiful flowers and captured so beautifully


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