Monday, May 28, 2012

~ fabulous fuzzies ~

Here's this week's version of mostly macro Monday.

We started calling hibiscus fuzzies over on flickr years ago.
My friend Helen is to blame -  and she takes the most beautiful photos of them...check them out here

Here are some of my favourites from the archives...we don't find them so often here in chilly Tassie - so they're like holiday postcards for me.



We had quite an eventful weekend - we lost a kitten for a night (locked in the cubby house it turns out - one very unhappy, clingy kitten emerged the next day) and Gracie sliced her foot open with a saucepan lid requiring minor surgery at home at bedtime on Saturday.

Today the sun is shining, the jobs are (mostly) done and I've got a ginger cake in the oven for afternoon tea with some old friends (but Jack and I did some dodgy measuring so I'm not sure it will turn out ok -  however, there are back-up mint-slices in the fridge).

Lots of work on this week and then school holidays.
How's your week looking?  Can you grow hibiscus?



  1. There is a kind of hibiscus that I've seen grow here in Canberra but mostly it gets too cold for the big lush ones. That said, I love capturing them when I see them. Helen's pictures are gorgeous I agree!

    Mmmm ... can't go past the back-up mint slices (though the acronym's strangely fitting ;-) )

  2. Helen is indeed Queen of the Fuzzies but your photographs are ever so lovely as well :)

    And as you know, I can't grow anything :p

  3. Stunning photographs, I'm just learning about macro. No hibiscus in Surrey, but plenty of vibrant rhododendrons at this time of year x.

  4. Your photographs are always beautiful ally! What camera do you use? X

  5. gorgeous - we have a native hibiscus, which is lovely, but doesn't have those luscious colours


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