Sunday, February 1, 2015

~ sunday snippets ~


It's been a big week in our house.

We came back from 3 lovely, lazy weeks at the shack where it was mostly sunny to a dismal, grey week with so much rain that the washing is still piled up around us.  And the garden is a swamp (at least the roses are pretty).

We ran round getting Lily ready for her first day at high school - a half day Friday just for the new grade 7s.  Big smiles and lots of chat after a great orientation day had us all breathing big sighs of relief (and her school shoes - first pair in 4 years after wearing sandshoes every day -  haven't given her blisters!).

We sorted out all the Lego and had a bet on how many mini-figures we had.  The final count was 107 - but I suspect there are still some hidden away in secret drawers.

I've started cleaning out the office space and trying to organise my snail mail - this is some from the IG snail mail group I'm in - so much love tied up in those pretty ribbons.

One of the reading piles in my bedroom - I loved how colour themed it was (by accident) - am currently re-reading lots of Kate Atkinson's books - I love them.  The fault in our stars made me cry  - again!

We couldn't resist this huge box of chalks from the supermarket - and between the showers they've had quite a work out.

Pierre de Ronsard roses in their 2nd flush of the season rescued from the rain and sitting on the (momentarily clean) kitchen table.

How has your week been?  Any highlights?  Much rain?  I'm hoping for a bit more summer this week.


  1. That's wonderful Lily came back from her first day with smiles. I can still remember those high school nerves and everything feeling so new and unfamiliar. Lots of rain here too, thunderstorms and big down pours which have been great for the garden but like you, not for my holiday washing! x

  2. A lovely collection from your week.. Always good when children are happy at the beginning of a xchool yeaar & those roses are really lovely.

  3. Sounds like a big and wonderful week! Those roses with the raindrops are divine - love love love that shot. How I loved The Fault in Our Stars - but yep tears here too. Beautiful images Ally xx

  4. Gorgeous shots! I love snail mail too. Jean

  5. Love your pics. 107 mini figures ...astounding !
    I'm waiting to read the Rosie Effect.


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