Wednesday, February 25, 2015

~ our joyful moments - weeks 7 & 8/52 ~

Week 7 saw both Karin and I in the kitchen - she made delicious looking brownies and the kids and I made valentines biscuits and iced them ... we didn't find out til too late that only Jack likes fondant icing!

During week 8 I enjoyed the view from my bedroom with lots of my favourite things - the chair, the cushion (perfect for this month's theme), flowers and my vintage typewriter.  Karin went into the snow to watch some skiing.

#ourjoyfulmoments celebrates the little things that bring us joy each week.  We share them here and on IG.

We still haven't decided on a theme for next month...any suggestions?


  1. week seven looks delicious & I love your chair!

    a theme, hmmm - a colour? adornment? stillness? bright + dark?


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