Tuesday, February 10, 2015

` ten on ten - February 2015 ~

7.02 am










Two months in a row on the #tenonten project is an absolute record for me - yay!

7.02 am - lunch boxes packed and ready to be put into bags.  Never the same contents for anyone

9.23 am - early tennis lesson (Jack - forgot the camera) done and school drop off completed - I'm parking at work just in time for a 9.30 start.  My first patient didn't arrive so I actually had time to get organised.

1.58pm - home for a quick lunch - but mail first! Two lovely valentine letters from my snail mail friends

2.16pm -raced out to the clothes line to hang out a load before school pick up - I gathered these on the way back in

3.19pm - home from school pick up - the table waiting to be cleared for afternoon tea - a tale of so many things I could be doing (or could have done last week)

3.22 pm  - making afternoon tea and gazing out the window (and reminding myself that the windows really do need doing)

4.11pm - quick play on the type writer because the light's so beautiful in that room that I couldn't resist

5.07pm - our neighbours have just built a pool - ours are the cream chimneys just behind it - we all had a swim after dropping Gracie at gym (we are the luckiest neighbours)

6.25pm - I sat making origami hearts for the first dinner sitting of the night 

7.03pm - our front garden as I headed out to pick Gracie up from gym - you just can't beat that evening light

Hope your day was fabulous - did you play along?


  1. Love your photos Ally. We have neighbours who kindly share their pool with us too :)

  2. Oh how lovely these captures are. Especially love that origami heart!


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