Sunday, February 22, 2015

~ snippets lately ~

1.  Rosy tea - just the way Dorothy would have liked it.  Loving my new (old) cups and saucers that we inherited.

2.  Kitchen table view (out of sight is the maths homework and the stack of homeless paperwork)

3.  Dancing fucshias - in a hanging garden at someone else's.  I don't have them because I never remember to water them.

4.  Grace participating in a Jump Rope for heart activity on Friday - this is the rope, in a rope, in a rope trick.  I can skip for approximately 1 minute - I have no idea how they manage what they do.

5.  We made valentine's biscuits.  And then discovered only Jack likes fondant icing.

6.  Couscous, spicy chick pea, pomegranate, almond and mint salad ... so good.  It's from What Katie Ate's new weekends cook book. 

7.  On the school run this week I just had to stop and take this shot of Peacock Jetty  - so beautiful.  Its my favourite jetty in Hobart - and I get to see it every day.

8.  He likes rainbow bunches.  I like him.  A lot.  Although I wish he'd pick up his shoes.

9.  Kite festival up on Hobart's Regatta Grounds today.  Ours is the teeny green one up the highest.
 (not that its a competition)

I'm struggling to blog regularly.  
Or get back to exercising (although I did my first barre code class yesterday - my hammies and butt are suffering.  A lot).
Or sorting the paperwork.
The school routine is more full on than last year and I'm watching way too much game of thrones.

How's your week been?


  1. That sweet posy of flowers on your kitchen bench is so pretty! And that salad sounds absolutely delicious!! Our week has been unusually quiet... everyone too busy for catch-ups or already had plans and so Sophie and I ran a few errands, spent some time by the river and pottered about at home... me catching up on housework and tidying while she made more mess!! :)

  2. It takes a bit of time to get the rhythm of the new years routine.. I'm getting there slowly but I'm struggling a bit with the exercise. A stability ball class for me this week & I'm also glad to have a dog who hassles me for a walk. Love the flowers and the valentines biscuits.

  3. Gorgeous images :)

    I'm very thankful to be finished with jury duty - I might actually now have the time/energy/brainpower to get something done (it was as much the hours of driving as it was the actual jury duty).

  4. Ah skipping days....I remember them fondly. Don't reckon I could skip for 5 seconds now without thinking I might pee my pants LOL!
    Hmmm, blogging - how I miss thee. I get so much enjoyment from reading everyones elses. I hope to find my groove soon. Full time work takes the best of me. Teaching can be so tiring.
    I'd LOVE to try a barre class! I do 3-5 yoga classes a week - I can't imagine life without it.
    PS Very pretty photos - as always x


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