Saturday, February 8, 2014

~ vignetting in February ~








The first 7 days of each month marks vignette time on IG.  This is a competition run by Jen of Interiors Addict wherein she supplies a word for each day and then people submit vignettes showing their take on the word of the day.  The community that participates is huge - but supportive, encouraging and hugely inspiring.  Its a little chance each month to challenge my creativity.

Usually I ponder on the word the night before and then assemble my things and take a photo each morning - it has led to some sleepless nights - ridiculous!  This month I took an hour a day before it started, gathered some pretty bits and bobs from the house and then made and shot each photo within that hour.  No stress, less mess, no fuss. 

I'm really happy with how they turned out this month  - even though they all look like different background they're all on the window seat in our lounge at about the same time - wish I could be consistent in my processing/filtering!

My favourite is the water one. Which is yours?


  1. You are so clever Ally I always enjoy seeing your vignettes and how you put all the items together to make a piece of art. I would have to say that water is my favourite too followed closely by handwritten. xx

  2. I love 'water' & also 'purple', but they're all beautiful

  3. All of them are so beautiful Ally. You clearly have such a gift for taking everyday objects and turning them into art xx

  4. I love them all - especially "love" with the rose. You are so clever Ally, they are styled so beautifully. xx

  5. I'm having a hard time choosing - they are so great, all of them! Handwritten might be my favourite, though... or purple...or America... Truth is, I like them all!

  6. All so beautiful- very inspiring! I occasionally join in with these vignettes (styling is not my gift) but you're right, a very encouraging & inspirational community.

  7. As always - each of your vignettes are stunning! My favourite of yours is local. I always do all my vignettes in one go. I can usually find a spot in my weekend to get them all set up and shot - I know what you mean about the filtering, it drives me bonkers with mine too! Even when I shoot them all in the same spot in the same light there are differences - having said that, I didn't really notice it in yours, so maybe it's just that you can see it when it's your own?

    Hope you have a great week, Ally :)

  8. Your vignettes are such a treat every month, Ally. They always tell a beautiful tale. x

  9. I think I like local too. They're all beautiful though. What a lovely way to start the day.


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