Sunday, February 9, 2014

~ stills as school starts again ~

1.  Pink themed accessories on my very pink bedside table this week.

2.  First day of school for 2014...they're not dentist's children but they're still incognito while I wrestle with how private their lives should be.  Jack is tossing iceberg petal confetti up and wishing someone a happy wedding.  He's been doing it all week.  Luckily there are loads of flowers.  This year marks the first year they're all at full-time school - and the only year they'll be altogether.  This mama is feeling a little lost without her follower at home.

3.  New shoes all round.  I haven't bought the girls school shoes this year as they do sport every day and we're only here for 10 weeks before we head off on the grand adventure.  I may or may not buy some when we get back.  Last year's are virtually unworn.

4.  On the way to school.  Hobart has been very sparkly and shiny all week (and then a mini hurricane tore through here this afternoon)

5.  Snail mail from a lovely IG friend.  She crocheted the stone cover and the photos are hers.  I'm still amazed at how generous the IG community is.

6.  Jack collected these from Kingston Beach yesterday - he's a forager just like his mum

7.  I labelled the pencils with washi tape but cheated and bought slip-on covers for the books this year.  Didn't feel like wrestling with contact!

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  1. There is just something about the first day back at school - and that feeling is so present in your photos. Love the mail you got too - very pretty! xo

  2. Love the shot of your 3 heading off to school- with Jack's arms up- throwing petals-very sweet. Hope ypyour week is a good one.

  3. Lovely! I adore flowering gums : )

  4. I've just covered Number One child's books and now I'm gearing up to begin Number Two's. Once upon a time I loved covering I find it a drag. Maybe I need to look for slip covers! Don't presents in the mail make a day brighter...even a card or postcard lifts the spirits!

  5. A great set of moments for the week...I loved the feet one with all the petals..glad your foot was in there. I too don't use contact...seriously they need to make that stuff more user friendly....I buy the covers from Office works in December because come January when everyone is covering their books they are usually sold out. Have a good week...the water pic looks wonderful as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. Gorgeous little posy … and I'm such a sucker for nice, sharp, coloured pencils.

  7. Hope you all had a great first week of school - I don't think the slip-on book covers are cheating, I think it's smart to use them! And the washi tape on the pencils is a great idea. Love your stills! x

  8. Lovely photos! That flowering gum (?) is spectacular! I also love that crocheted stone. Beautiful. I found you via the Beetle Shack. xx


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