Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~ taking stock - February ~

Making : washi tape feathers for fun
Cooking : I'm planning salted choc-chip bikkies for tomorrow

Drinking : more water
Reading: the book thief (again) after seeing the movie this week - its a lovely film but so very sad.
Wanting: a few more ocean swims before the summer ends
Looking: for interesting new blogs to read  - the first 10 entries on my feed today were of no interest to me anymore - any good suggestions??
Playing: She and Him, vol 3 over and over
Deciding: on menus for the rest of the week - cooking dinner is my least favourite task
Wishing: I could get on top of my photo editing
Enjoying: the answers the kids give to our question of the day each evening
Waiting: for our tomatoes to ripen
Liking: the last of the apricots from the tree
Wondering: if Lily is doing too much before/after school stuff (already!)
Loving: sending little "just because" notes to friends
Pondering: how to make the mornings run a little smoother
Considering: a new hair colour
Watching: mums walking with toddlers and wondering where that time went
Hoping: my baby nephew makes a visit to Tassie in March (with his parents!)
Marvelling: at how Jack is learning to read so quickly
Needing: more cuddles (I'm missing my little side kick)
Smelling: jasmine in the evening air
Wearing: skirts nearly every day and loving it
Following: my heart
Noticing: my heart is fickle
Knowing: it really will be ok in the end
Thinking: we really need a date night soon
Feeling: lucky (and not just because Jack gave me a 4 leaf clover today)
Admiring: shiny red nail polish on one of the school mum's toes
Sorting: out out stuff to give away
Buying: lots of nectarines and grapes
Getting: impatient for our big trip (we leave for Europe on April 17)
Bookmarking: good things to do in Paris and London
Disliking: the busy mantra so many people run with
Opening: windows to let the breezes in
Giggling: at overheard conversations between sisters
Feeling: good
Snacking: on fresh fruit (and a little bit of sea salt Lindt)
Coveting: a gorgeous rug I walked past in a shop window this afternoon
Helping: with reading every night - and enjoying it
Hearing: the Frozen sound track over and over in 3 part harmony

Taking stock is Pip's good idea - here's hers. (and mine from last month).


  1. Lovely list Ally! How good is Frozen? We are loving the soundtrack too. Hope your little man is enjoying Prep. Have a lovely weekend...Mel x

  2. What a wonderful idea, and such a lovely list x

  3. Washi tape feathers... now I am inspired and yes to open windows, jasmine, overseas trips ... actually yes to pretty much most of the list... xx


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