Wednesday, November 28, 2012

~ snap it ... spiky ~

Our intrepid ballerina/gymnast/chaser of boys/tennis player/rollerblader* has a badly sprained ankle this week.  

We've been strapping it each day...and boy do those spiky little clip thingies hurt if you grab them the wrong way (tape is much better and safer).

I'm playing snap-it over here with Sarah where there are other spiky things to see.

* of course it was the chasing of the boys that caused the injury and not all that intense sporty stuff


  1. Yes those spiky little clip thingies are sharp aren't they? Chasing boys- how cute.

  2. Those spikey clippy thingies do hurt, but gee they are a great little invention!
    Wish I had of thought of them.....!!!


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