Monday, November 19, 2012

~ 8 is great ~

8 years ago today I gave birth to our beautiful 2nd daughter and felt like I was exploding with joy.
Grace has the kindest heart, the twinkliest eyes and the cheekiest grin around.
Her legs are always bruised, she adores a cuddle, she still won't try bananas.
She is rainbowy and joyful.
We love her to bits and think its just great that she's eight and so utterly fabulous.


We had balloons, cake*, flowers and friends for tea
Her poppa made her heart shaped bread.
All she wanted was a surprise -  and she loves her bike, but equally the books, hair clips and necklace.

Jack Johnson spoke for me when he wrote these lyrics (this song always makes me cry)

"I've got an angel
she doesn't wear any wings
she wears a heart that can melt my own
she wears a smile than can make me wanna sing
she gives me presents
with her presence alone
she gives me everything I could wish for
she gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home"

Happy birthday gorgeous girl
Love you

* not the official party cake - that will come in 2 weeks when we go bowling and then for afternoon tea! - and I think we're branching out from the Women's Weekly and going with Donna Hay.



  1. So beautiful! Your words, and Jack Johnson's! Made me teary! Enjoy celebrating together xx

  2. Happy birthday to your big girl I hope she had a fantastic day celebrating. She sounds like a very special girl. Love that heart shape bread, what a lovely thing for Dad to do:) xx

  3. No wonder her poppa made her heart shaped bread..he was already aware of her beautiful and appreciative heart! I wish her a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous post, feeling the love x.

  5. Happy Birthday Grace! I love those lyrics Ally, just so lovely x

  6. Happy Birthday Grace! Love those candles - where did you find them? 8 is a beautiful age. I have a miss 8 but not for much longer. They grow up so quickly!!

    1. Hi Emma
      There's a new party shop at the bottom of our street - the candles and balloons are from there - not sure of brand. Can post if you want :-)

  7. Happy (belated) birthday to your big girl. I have an 8 year old too, such a beautiful age. Mel x


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