Tuesday, November 13, 2012

~ reconnecting ~

We turned everything off in Fiji.
No phones, no email, no blog, no (wasteofspace)book, no IG, no TV.

For days we read, we talked, we kayaked, swam and snorkelled, we lazed and revelled in all the time we had to just be ourselves.
Time to think and dream.
Feeling no obligations.

It felt like more than just a tropical escape, a blip in our lives.
I want it to be more.

I'm finding it so hard to come back and re-establish where I want to be in this crazy, busy, totally connected world we live in.

I'm still on Fiji-time.
(and wishing it was still Fiji-warm)



  1. Welcome back - enjoy reconnecting with the real world. Maybe just don't do it too quickly, so you can cling on to that lovely Fiji time a little longer x

  2. The best thing about holidays is leaving the craziness and unbearable pressure behind. I wish I knew how to translate that wonderful holiday feeling to everyday life. If you find out, will you please share?!

  3. More than a little envious of your fiji-style x.

  4. Oh that sounds blissful! I hope you can hold onto that holiday feeling for a while longer xx

  5. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Hope you're now feeling refreshed and recharged.

  6. It's always hard to come back isn't it? I had a week of because I was sick and really felt it coming back into the real world, everything was quieter, calmer at the hut.

  7. sounds amazing, welcome back :)


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