Thursday, November 15, 2012

~ the fiji files (part 1) ~

Our holiday was all we had dared dreamed about ;

  * barefoot days on the beach (or by the pool).
  *snorkelling in sparkling seas (and gasping with wonder at the plethora of rainbow coloured fish).
  *breath-taking sunsets, endless sunshine, beautiful flowers
  *delicious cocktails, evenings alone (while the kids revelled in kids club).
  *braids (even for Jack).

No one wants to take the braids out.  
They save so much time in the morning.  
And when they're gone the holiday will really be over.



  1. Welcome back Ally:) Oh my that sunset looks absolutely stunning and love the idea cocktails and evenings alone, that has been a long time since we've done the cocktail thing together. And those braids, who would want to take them out they look so pretty. I say keep them in as long as you can:) xx

  2. gorgeous, I love the first photo

  3. Great shots Ally. I wouldn't want to remove the braids either :)

  4. Looks perfect - glad you had a wonderful time x

  5. Goosebumps jealous! Looks like you had an amazing time. Happy for you and your lovelies. x

  6. The braids bring a little of Fiji back to your everyday lives, hope they last a little longer yet!
    You captured the relaxed holiday feeling so well.


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