Saturday, December 31, 2011

~ letting go gently ~

We're saying goodbye to 2011 quietly tonight.

The Doc is working from home and we're having a few friends over for casual dinner and drinks.
Some chatting, some slip'n'sliding, some silly pictionary and scattergories games. 

Lots of bubbles and laughs.

We'll remember a happy, busy year:

  • When we moved back into our house and loved it so.
  • When we adopted two kittens and loved them so.
  • When Lily spread her wings at a new school and blossomed.  
  • And Gracie had her own space at school and revelled in it.
  • When Jack continued his love affair with trucks and cars and maxi-taxis.
  • An amazing conference, a fabulous adult getaway with old friends, time at the shack, the fabulous Wednesday dinners, new friends, blogging, raspberries, Tuesday play days, family traditions (new and old), soccer games, a quilt in progress, lots of photos,  ballet concerts, priceless art works, precious moments....

We'll go gently into 2012 too.
Counting our blessings, looking forward to new challenges and enjoying the little things that make every day special.

Wishing the same to you.
Happy 2012!


  1. Here's to an awesome 2012, Happy New Year to you & yours Ally :)

  2. it has been a joy to read your blog from time to time, ally. thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, words and moments.

    all the very best for 20112!!!!!!

  3. Happy New Year to you Ally. Sounds like a perfect way to see the new year in.

  4. Happy new year Ally! I've really enjoyed popping in to your little corner of the (cyber) world in 2011 :)

  5. What a wonderful year you had. I've loved stopping by to visit Ally, it's been great getting to know you. Happy New Year xx


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