Friday, December 9, 2011

~ when winning isn't everything ~

Infant school sports day... quite possibly my favourite day of the school year.  I love that its so totally appropriate for the littlies and the whole competitive thing is left on hold until they get to the big school. Blessed this year with perfect sunshine (hello sunburn).

One of the things I love most about our little school (and its a long list) is how inclusive it is - parents, siblings, various other family members are encouraged to come along and join in at any time.  And on sports day it's generally all in.  Grandmothers falling over in sack races,  brothers and sisters holding hands for egg and spoon racing, teachers failing miserably to manage tiny obstacle courses, mums trying too hard to recall their youthful racing days in the sprints (or that could have just been me).

Grace took Jack under her wing and let him do everything with her.  They fell over 3-legged racing, they threw noodle javelins together, she tried patiently to teach him flowerpot stilts.  
They came dead last in the siblings race with the biggest grins ever.

We embraced the concept of participation and fun over winning*.  We had fun.  In bucketloads.  Roll on next year.

* It must be noted, in fairness, that my children are far better at this than me.  I was born with a competitive streak which has bypassed them completely.  
I'm a bit on the fence on this - I love that they enjoy participating for the sake of it but the joy of winning has yet to make its mark on them.  I want them to know that too.  I guess the question is when?  and how?


  1. so sweet, love the second photo :)

  2. i can see why this is on the list of likes! sounds like a super day!

  3. Bright beautiful sunshine - - ooooh! It's 34 F degrees here this morning, and I can't seem to get up and out.
    I LOVE your blog, Alli...and read it quite often! xoxo

  4. It sounds like you've found a great school for your little ones which is very special. Ahh the competitive streak it seems to come out when the girls play with their Dad at board games, they took after him, me I don't really mind. I think it's a bit of fun seeing them compete actually;) x


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