Friday, December 2, 2011

~ grateful for .... raspberries ~

They're early.  They're delicious.  They say summer to me.
Plump, juicy and not well hidden from the birdies.
It's the first year we've had enough to fill containers rather than just eat them straight from the vines.

I've had them on weet-bix and ice-cream today.  
I've hidden some more in the fridge for later.

I'm always grateful for raspberries....and even more so when they're ours.
And not $11.49 for a teeny container at the local fruit'n'veg place (seriously).  


{Joining with Maxabella this week (and often) to express gratitude for the little things and big things that make life better} 



  1. I have raspberry canes too - and this is the first year we have had enough to do anything with as well! We planted one two years ago (this is it's third season) and it has multiplied many many times over. We have collected about two punnets worth (200g) over the last three days. They are just fantastic! Today I made dark chocolate and raspberry muffins with our bounty.

    K xx

  2. Yummmmm!!!!

    And to think that you can go and harvest them straight from the vine - lucky duck!

    I hope you freeze some for later in the year too.

    Happy weekend,

  3. Delicious! I've been watching our plant but no flowers yet. It did get mowed over a few months back and is throwing up lots of new shoots, some over a metre high. Hopefully it may flower yet???

  4. I love raspberries, but $11.49? Does anyone buy them? you are so lucky to grow your own.

  5. We harvested one strawberry yesterday, it was quite the ceremony, yay!! I grew up with the most amazing mulberry trees in our garden, only the birds would eat them & intentionally aim their bird poo at my mother's white sheets on the line. Love Posie

  6. Your raspberries look so yummy Ally and even better when you grew them yourself. I love to eat berries on weet-bix and ice cream too mmm. xo

  7. oooh YUM!
    We picked (and ate) our first youngberries this morning.... nothing better than home grown!

  8. Yummy, they say summer to me too, Nan has always had a patch and they are our special Christmas time treat! It amazes me that raspberries and blackberries sell for so much when they grow like weeds! You are very lucky to have your very own patch :)

  9. I ate the first raspberry (ever) from our garden this week. Yum!

    I can't wait for more (I hope)!

  10. very jealous. I am the cheap mama who refuses to indulge the family in fresh raspberries (and only briefly in blueberries) as the cost makes me cringe knowing they will be gone so fast.

  11. wow...your own raspberries. how lovely! gorgeous photo. xo

  12. I would be grateful for raspberries too so yummy i love them on pancakes. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy

  13. Delicious, Ally. I don't think I've ever had the privilege of eating a raspberry fresh from the garden. x

  14. We used to have raspberry vines in our backyard back in Canada. We had so many that I could stuff my face and still have enough to fill buckets for my Grandma, who would make homemade raspberry jam.

    Now, they are so expensive to get that I can't bring myself to buy one punnet.

    Thanks for this nice little reminder of a fond childhood memory.

  15. I would be over the moon too.Yes they are so expensive to buy!:(


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