Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~ the one about the eyebrows ~

{me and my eyebrows, by Lily aged 5}

I've always quite liked my eyebrows.
Sort of Natalie Portman's crossed with Keira Knightley's (in my imagination). 
Not as bushy as Brooke's, no evidence of a Frida monobrow and certainly not a Gwen-ish overplucked look.
I never did anything to them. (Too scared to pluck or wax).
It was with great trepidation that I finally let a beautician near them a year or two ago - I checked after every twitch of the tweezer and I must say I was impressed with the neater result.
Completely surprisingly to me, people noticed.  Mostly favourably.
And so we've gone on - I get them done when I remember but I warn them each time that I'm nervous and I really "don't want much done"
Until this week when Cheryl and I were gossiping away and suddenly she went "oh" and I knew that that "oh" wasn't a good "oh" for me or my eyebrows.
I'm sure they'll grow back (eventually)
I'll suppress the urge to draw them in with pencil (or red paint).
I'll just let people marvel at my amazingly pink skin and green fangs instead.


  1. OOps!Those portraits are priceless too, funny how children must see us:) You just reminded me that I need to do something about mine too :)x

  2. Oh, no! My experience with my eyebrows has been similar to yours, except that I have only had them done once (late last year), and although it went well, I have been too nervous to do it again, because the place I went to is about 2000kms away, and I don't know where to go that is close to home! I think you may have just scared me into avoiding it for as long as possible ;)
    Hope they grow back quickly!

  3. Awesome eyebrows in the picture - hope they grow back soon

  4. oooh - I don't think your eyebrows are your major problem looking at this - what about those blue ear things??!!

  5. This is one of those moments that should go in those old Visa card ads - priceless!


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