Monday, November 28, 2011

~ the big girl turns 9 ~

Our beautiful Lily turned 9 over the weekend.

She was the baby who made me a mother, the one who changed the landscape of my heart and turned everything I thought I knew about myself on its head.

She's the one who has borne the brunt of my uncertainty and ineptness as I learn to be the best mum I can.

She made us a family, introduced us to that terrible fear when you realise that part of your heart resides outside your body and teaches us all the time.

{the red bike that goes faster}

{Harry's hat - cake #15 or so that we've made from the AWW bible}

I've been a mother for 9 years - it's amazing, challenging, tough and joyful - and it just keeps getting better.


  1. Oh Ally, what a wonderful post! Happy belated birthday to Lily - she is lucky to have such a lovely mum :)

  2. Happy birthday to that dear little piece of your heart. x

  3. Oh what a lovely post. Happy birthday to your big girl!! x

  4. Happy Birthday to your big girl! What a lovely post. I feel just the same about my eldest.

  5. Happy Birthday Lily, beautiful post of your daughter they so very precious. Enjoy your day tomorrow my friend.

    Always Wendy

  6. So beautiful Ally, both your words and your picture. Happy late birthday to you 9 year old! xo

  7. Happy 9th birthday Lily. Your words are so beautiful Ally. I hope that Lily had a great time celebrating. I bet she loved that new fast bike and the cake looks super. xo

  8. Happy Birthday Lily.
    I loved the AWW birthday cake book, I had a fair few from the book as a child, my favourite was the castle with the upside down ice-cream cones as turrets.

  9. Happy Birthday to Lily may this year be filled with fun and lovely moments (ok and possibly lollies :)) I really enjoy your words Ally so so so true!And happy 9th year of motherhood to you too :)!xx


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