Friday, November 11, 2011

~ grateful for....~

This week I kneel and kowtow in appreciation of my tumble dryer.
Last week our washing line met with a dreadful accident.

{part of some elaborate jungle game...forbidden forever now unless in real jungles}

And, of course, this week has been swimming week - every day at school for Gracie, for me at the gym, Jacks 2nd ever lesson and lessons for the girls yesterday.
That's a lot of towels and soggy bathers to get dry in Hobart weather.
And so my trusty dryer has been working over time and I'm very grateful.
(but still planning to replace her with one of those you beaut condenser ones)
Sometimes it really is the little things.
(and can you believe I've posted 3 times about washing??!!)


  1. i am in love with my drier...means i don't have to go to the spider infested clothes line!

  2. Snap for the swimming week! We had school swimming this week and on Monday I attended 3 different pools in one day - early morning swim for me, a toddler lesson for Oesch and the school swim for Doots. I have chlorine coming out of my pores, I'm sure.

    I have a theory that people talk about washing more often in Hobart... must be a weather thing!

  3. LOL my clothes line looks much the same. Love my drier. Bad I know x

  4. I love my dryer too - and struggle with the environmental vandal I feel like :-)

  5. It's often the little things that you are grateful for. Like Daisy I struggle with the environmental issues but still like to have the possibility to use the dryer. :) Sounds like you've had a busy but fun week swimming. Happy Sunday! xx

  6. I don't have a dryer, but I wish I did - Melbourme weather is not conducive to drying clothes.

    LOVE the photos on your blog. Beautiful.

  7. Oh der, just realised who you are on Flickr - have been following you for years!

  8. Ah, I remember hanging off the washing line in my younger days. I could never understand why my mother had such a problem with it, heheh.

    I love my dryer, too, but thanks to the insane electricity prices in Sydney I only ever use it in rainy weather!

  9. Oh dear that is quite the accident! My washing machine broke recently. Felt like my arm had been cut off!

  10. OOps,in our place I would suspect someone has been trying a Tarzan hanging thing off the line :)hehe
    I am not a big fan of dryers but they sure come in handy sometimes :)I never thought I would need to use them during summer until we moved to Qld! :)x

  11. Oh no looks like someone was having fun;) Dryers certainly come in handy not sure I'll need one in a hurry at the moment since we're having 31℃ days here. xo


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