Monday, November 21, 2011

~ and then she was 7~

Our Gracie was 7 over the weekend.
Apparently 7 is VERY exciting - so exciting that you wake your parents at 4am, and when they refuse to stir,  you sing "Happy Birthday Self" over and over and over....until they do.
Makes for a long day for a newly minted 7 year old (and her parents).
She was as equally thrilled with her balloons as with her books, Lego and new desk (it had been hidden in the shed while the Doc painted it for the last week -at one stage we told her it was a goat and she still didn't peek).
She was super thrilled with the pool party and the Zappo the alien cake.


And who wouldn't be? - 20 friends and her brother and sister for an all-in splashing frenzy.  I kind of wished I was in there too - but I was pacing looking for stray drowning kids (none - yay) and of course there is the small matter of bathers....not ready to go there yet this year.

7 is joyous and smiley.
It's growing and exploring.
It's hopeful and impatient.
It's a learning experience for all of us (all over again).
It's going to be fun.


  1. Happy 7th birthday to one very happy and excited little girl. It sounds like you made her day very special, what a great Mum you are to have a pool party for her. I understand what you mean about wishing to be there too;) So glad it was a happy event and a yummy one too. x

  2. Oh happy birthday in your household!! The cake if fabulous & well done for not losing any children on your watch!! Love Posie

  3. Happy 7th birthday to Gracie! sounds like lots of fun! x

  4. what a fun day. the photos say it all. birthday wishes your way. xo.

  5. Happy Birthday to Gracie wow what a great cake and a fun day you have planed sounds like a special day for a special 7 year old enjoy my friend.

    Always Wendy

  6. How sweet about all the excitement!Happy Happy Birthday to your young lady :) xx

  7. it all sounds so joyous, despite the early start and the pacing!!

  8. Love the cake Ally - and I love that she loved it too - not a pink frill in sight! And well done you for entertaining 20 7yos. I'd have been pacing the side too!


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