Saturday, August 1, 2015

~ taking stock - July 2015 ~

from our trip to Cradle Mountain and flowers from my garden

Making : space in my office so I can actually do some stuff not just navigate around piles of other stuff
Cooking : these amazing date scones by Belinda Jeffery - so good
Drinking : raspberry and pomegranate infusion - so pretty and so yum
Reading: some Louise Penny mysteries and also Paper Towns by John Green (which I read to discuss with Lily as she was reading it too but we haven't done that yet).  My book club book is waiting for me.
Wanting: a new phone (and my lovely hubby has just gone out to sort that out for me I think - total bonus as I hate navigating phone/data plans)
Looking: at some videos of the girls from when they were small (it started when I went to look for one from last time we went to Cradle Mountain) and wishing I'd taken lots more videos when they were little
Playing: May -I?  Its a really fun card game we taught the girls when we were away (Jack can't hold enough cards yet)
Deciding: that we really do need a proper gardener to help us get it all under control out there
Wishing: I'd not volunteered to organise the t-towel fundraising project at school
Enjoying: watching period dramas on Netflix
Waiting: for the rain to stop so I can duck outside and grab some wood
Liking: playing games in front of the fire
Wondering: if there'll really be snow in our street on Monday as they forecast (I hope so!)
Loving: the blossom trees lining the streets
Pondering: where to put some more hellebores in the garden
Considering: starting the mammoth project of sorting out my photos
Buying: new sandshoes this week (hopefully) - mine have got holes in them
Watching: Orange is the new black (I'm not sure I get it yet)
Hoping: I get some more blogging done next month - this month has been a write-off
Marvelling: at my big girl's organisational skills for school and complete lack of them at home
Cringing: at the lame justifications for the racist and bullying booing that has been aimed at Adam Goodes recently
Needing: a back massage (always!)
Questioning: my parenting methods (often)
Smelling:  the erlicheers at my front door
Wearing: stripes and jeans (my daily uniform when I'm not working)
Following: a few people on Twitter (I joined this week but I'm really not sure what I'm doing)
Noticing: how good Yoga makes me feel
Knowing: that its worth paying for
Thinking: life is short
Admiring: how my neighbour's sons have dealt with her prolonged hospitalisation over the last few months.  And her death this week.  I was the last person to see her awake.  It's made for a few quiet and low few days.
Sorting: out old clothes to give away
Getting: sick of the dust and dirt from the wood heater
Bookmarking: recipes for yoghurty pancakes and carrot fritters
Coveting: a new puffer jacket - mine has lost quite a lot of puff
Disliking: when the children whine
Giggling: at Jack's description of how cows and sheep have babies  - "they kiss and they get into love mode and then they have a baby".  Me : "what's love mode?" Jack : "its on Minecraft silly".
Feeling: content (mostly)
Snacking: on dark chocolate with sea salt - its my downfall
Wishing: spring would come quickly - I'm ready
Helping: with homework and reading
Hearing: the wind making the grapefruit tree brush against the office windows


  1. such a lovely collection of images!

    those scones do sound yum - it's been far too long since we've baked any scones around here...

  2. Stunning pics!! Would love if they were blog backgrounds. Fun to read through your list. My life just seems to be drive, work, eat, tv, sleep, repeat!

  3. Pics made always souvenirs in u mind!

  4. I always enjoy reading through a taking stock post, hope your office space is working for you, desks seem to be a never ending source of tidying & organising. Sounds like you've been eating yummy things & enjoying your family. Hope it snows for you tomorrow xx


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