Monday, August 10, 2015

~ ten on ten - August 2015 ~

7.16 am breakfast

7.26 am the first abandoned tea of the day
8.04 am the only tidy corner of the house

9.25 am contemplation - I chose the weights class instead

10.59 in her spot for the day

11.14 am when you remove the junk basket from the bench
12.35 pm the best $20 he spends all week

2.02 pm  tidying up - it never ends
2.42 before they come home from school

2.43 pm momentarily tidy
3.32 pm snail mail from the Scilly Isles
3.36 pm on the way to the shops
3.45 pm on the way home from the shops

4.45 pm dinner prep (my favourite lentil soup)

A Monday mostly spent at home this month - tidying, cooking, looking after a sick child.  I did lift some weight and I can already feel it in my legs.
Monday is my get everything done for the week day - its not usually a day when I stop to look around.
It's nearly always worth pausing though.. don't you find that?

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