Sunday, August 17, 2014

~ moments from this week in August ~

1.  Such intense concentration as he squeezes the lemons for our pancake mixture this morning

2.  Left-over-from-holidays nail polish and his own method for learning left and right

3.  Beautifully stark winter trees

4.  Our train set now runs through Paris

5.  Leek and potato soup, too much butter and new plates from our travels

6.  Little messages of love in the fruit bowl

7.  We're still looming

8.  Not my favourite tree at all but I can't resist a pop of red

9.  More blossom (completely irresistible)

Life's good round here at the moment
Hope it is at your place too.


  1. beautiful, love the new plates & the blossoms are so lovely!

  2. Ha ha....I think all train sets should have the Eiffel Tower!

  3. Love the winter trees and blossom together :)


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