Friday, August 15, 2014

~ blossom time ~


The winter chill bites at this time of year.
Frosty mornings, piercing winds.
We tread warily in the mornings for the ground is icy.
We are bundled in layers of puff, wool, scarves and gloves.
I leave an extra five minutes to melt the frost from my windscreen before we leave for school.
We light the fire early in the evening, we gather around it.

But....spring is coming.
Ridiculously pretty blossoms garland the skies.
Singles, doubles, pink, white - speaking the language of hope, anticipation and joy.


  1. I have been waiting (and waiting) for the blossom tree in the front yard to bloom ... sigh! I did spy one or two flowers on it today, though, finally! and that made me happy :) Have a great weekend.

  2. A bucket sits next to the front door ready to be filled with water and tossed over the ice-coated windscreen nearly every morning.
    You've captured the beautiful blossom perfectly. x

  3. just gorgeous! none of the trees in our yard have started yet, but some of the local almond trees are blooming :)

  4. Oh bring on Spring and all of it's gorgeousness. I cannot wait xx

  5. I just love looking at cherry blossoms, so beautiful. I think I definitely need some in my new garden.

  6. So beautiful. It looks like spring has already arrived!

  7. Our days have been so, so cold, with foggy mornings that last well after lunch!
    But the days are lasting just a little longer,
    the anticipation of warmer weather and sunny days are coming.....
    those blossoms are gorgeous. I have a blossom tree that is yet to blossom,
    but I wait eagerly....

  8. Beautiful blossoms! There's definitely a change in there air - the light is different. I like it. A lot.


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