Friday, August 1, 2014

~ burano (as a cure for winter blues) ~

Today was grey again - its been 50 shades of freezing cold, sleety grey all week. 

This afternoon we attended a wake to celebrate the life of a colleague who died suddenly last week - a vibrant, active, healthy, intelligent lady who died far too young.

The stories of war-time atrocities, of terrorism, of disease and famine are everywhere I turn.

My head is fuzzy - full of winter cold and tiredness. 

Colours - a whole rainbow in fact - in the form of photos from Burano has been my antidote to the enveloping greyness.

Burano is a 30 minute vaporetto ride across the lagoon in Venice. 
An island famous for lace making. And rainbow-hued fishermen's houses.
The variety of paint colours is said to be so the fishermen could easily identify their own houses as they returned home.  Apparently the colours are allocated by the government so that no neighbours share colours. 
I love their commitment to their rainbow houses.  To the choice of whimsy and joy.

Surely we all need a little more joy in our lives.

Canary yellow, kermit green, lipstick pink....which would you choose?


  1. Just look at all those vibrant colours - I think my favourites are the blues. So sorry to hear about your colleague - I know only too well what that's like, so very very sad to lose someone too early. The shock can take some time to get over (if you really do get "over" it) Hope you are having a restful and calm weekend. x

  2. Couldn't agree more! I love those colourful houses. I've been to Venice but never got to visit time. :) I love them all but the photo with the yellow, green and pink house makes me smile. Sorry to hear about your colleague! xx

  3. How utterly delightful! It's grey and rainy here right now. Your photos cheered me up!!

  4. What an incredibly beautiful place. How could you feel anything but happiness around houses of such colour. i am sorry however for the loss of your colleague. The loss of someone is just awful at any age, but particularly heartbreaking when they are taken before their time xx

  5. Your photos here (as always) are amazing. I'd love to visit Burano, my rainbow girls and I would be happy in any of these colourful houses.

    Cat xox


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