Saturday, March 3, 2012

~ grateful for ... recipes that work ~

The kitchen is not my natural habitat.
I'm not an instinctive or brave cook.
I have been known to survive for weeks on toast (true story from my intern year.)

These days I have to cook.
A lot.
Meals for fussy small people.  Things for lunches.  Sometimes fancier dinner-party type affairs.
I have a small repertoire of things that work.  
Recipes I can follow to the letter (and I do) and that turn out like the picture.  I love that.

I struggle with biscuits.  I turn out brittle hard objects more useful for throwing at small fussy people than tempting them to eat.  The next day they will be uncooked in the middle.  I have made Anzac Cake on more than one dreadful occasion.

Today I found the perfect Anzac recipe.  I've made 40 fantastic Anzacs.  I hope they're all eaten tomorrow and I can make some more. 

So I'm grateful for yummy Anzacs. 
(It's nearly always the little things with me.  But you know they're the big things really.)

What's your no-fail recipe?
Do you share recipes?


{I am not going to embarrass myself by putting the Anzac recipe up - I'm sure everyone else can do them blindfolded}

I'm with maxabella at gratefuls but not kidspot cos I've lost the prompt plot


  1. They look great Ally, love the cloth underneath too! Anzacs can be tricky, many other recipes will give more consistent results. I used to cook biscuits and cakes for relaxation when single, always finding willing subjects to eat them for me. However I rarely bake now, our children tend to bake enough and I try not to eat it. When I do bake now I make something so healthy the children mostly avoid it!

  2. I struggle with biscuits also. The only ones that I've ever had consistent luck with is shortbread and funnily enough Anzacs. I have both recipes on my blog I think. I should try some more though as the kids love them.

  3. I would be grateful for that recipe. I used to be quite a good baker. These days I have just run out of gas with cooking. All my enthusiasm has expired. Those bickies look perfect.

  4. Hooray!!! For good biscuits and things that work out :) I love to cook and mostly experiment (professional deformation probably :))
    Sometimes things do not work out as planned too.Trying to come up with a good GF bread is making me cry very LOUD haha :)I could not say that I have a fail proof recipe, it all depends how I hold my tong I think sometimes:) Enjoy your weekend Ally!xx

  5. Yum - where is the recipe ?
    I just found a great basic muffin recipe.

  6. I do love anzac biscuits as a good go to recipe and they keep well too, yours look yummy I bet they were all gobbled up in no time. My other favourite no fail recipe would have to be chocolate slice, it's Miss 12's favourite to cook on her own too and there's not creaming butter and sugar together just melt and mix, they are the best recipes I find. Thank you for your kind and support words regarding my father, they are truly appreciated and I'm taking care of myself doing a bit of sewing which I always enjoy. Have a great week Ally. x

  7. Those look amazing. I can bake bread and I can cook but baking anything else can be a bit of a struggle for me. I have yet to make a decent muffin!

  8. Yay for recipes that work! I use the Womens weekly anzac recipe, its a good one. I also use their basic muffin recipe and add extra's like bananas and berries. :)

  9. Our go to chocolate cake is Nigella's chocolate guinness cake. But I also baked a vogue living carrot cake (recipe from 1978) last week, which is super easy and very tasty! Funny that both of these have cream cheese frosting?!?!

  10. I have this cookbook that my mum gave to me and every recipe in it just comes out a dream. It's definitely my 'go to' book.

    I've always found Donna Hay's recipes don't work for me. I don't know what it is, but I never have success. Jamie Oliver, Bill Granger and Nigella are my stand-bys.

    Yummy Anzacs!! x


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