Monday, March 19, 2012

~ seizing the day ~

Whilst I embrace the whole 4 seasons thing that Hobart does so well, it does seem, at times, that autumn and, particularly, winter take a bit more than their fair share of the year.
Last week I was feeling the grey.  Ready to dig out the long boots.  We even had a fire.

Not today.
Today was golden.  Hobart sparkled.  
We raced from school to the beach.

We ate ice-creams and swam and had amazing handstand competitions.
We soaked up that vitamin D and loved it.

How is your week looking?


  1. Oh, wow. That looks amazing.

    It's feeling quite warm today in Surrey.

    Happy days.

    Lesley x.

  2. What fun in the sun! I'm not quite ready to let the summer go either.

  3. I love the bonus summer days you get in March. x

  4. It's all my fault after I bought 2 pairs of boots after that cold week here, that I still haven't been able to wear.

    Although I've probably counterbalanced it with buying water for our watertank!

  5. Hi Ally, I agree, it was so amazingly beautiful today, perfect Autumn weather. We frolicked around Seven Mile Beach this morning. I'm still feeling the post-beach glow :-)


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