Friday, March 23, 2012

~ grateful for... facebook solutions to life's little dilemmas ~

It's really not that long until Easter.
I had been casually scanning the shelves...watching for mini-eggs
(the Cadbury ones with the speckly hard shells and the yummy centres)
...but had come up with nil sightings.
I was getting a bit worried.
(they're my favourite)
So I put a little call out on face-book... and lo and behold my friends came to the rescue.
Several options of where to buy...some offers to post them to me...and some amazingly generous girls who went out of their way to buy my some.
Who wouldn't be grateful for that?
I certainly am.
Not my resolve to not snack that had been doing so well, and not my cholesterol level...but me, definitely.
(I'm munching on them good) 

What do you use social media for?
What are you grateful for this week?
I'm linking with Maxabella...its always fun.


  1. Now I want some of these cuties! Never had them. I'm missing out!

    Happy early Easter, Ally. x

  2. Me too, not for the chocolate but for facebook. I had no idea what cake to make for my sons birthday, I was drawing a blank and then I asked some ladies on facebook for ideas and they gave me the best ideas ever, and wella, best birthday cake, and something I would never have come up with on my own. Who says they don't love technology?

  3. they're so cute!

    right this minute I'm grateful for socks, 'cos otherwise my toes would be cold ;)

  4. I use facebooktoI keep up with my friends living overseas. I also promote my childrens clothing collection on fb. I have also used it to source different things i am looking for, love it! I grateful for Friday, i getvto spend some time with the sailor. Have a lovly weekend.

  5. I love those cocci e's and often include them in our Easter baskets.
    I use Facebook for all my big questions and searches and draw on the collective wisdom of my scattered friends and amiy.

  6. Oh yum! Sometimes Facebook does have it's good points LOL

  7. I want some of those too!!! Where can I find them???? They would be perfect for the little choc birds nests that we make every Easter!!

  8. I'm grateful for friends who share :)

  9. Ooooh I haven't tried these either! I'm going hunting for them! Hope you had a lovely weekend. xx

  10. Social media is wonderful for discovering and chatting to like-minded people ... and yes of course, for sourcing the essentials of life like chocolate. Beautiful images of your favourite eggs! I'm a dark chocolate girl myself, but tend to avoid most of the indulgences at this time of year (apart from an occasional Cadbury creme egg). :)

  11. These are the cutest!! I was hunting for them (after your IG picture ;) ) but could not find them eather!Lucky you :)
    I struggle with face book but it is handy at times I agree :)So many ways these days to connect with like minded people!

    Have a great week Ally xx

  12. My friend loves these too, hubby is addicted to the cadbury cream eggs, ahh easter and all that chocolate...... This week I have to say I'm grateful to hear my Dad is up and doing little jobs and feeling better, it's good to hear him a little more like himself. Have a wonderful week. x


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