Saturday, January 28, 2012

~ grateful for....kindness ~

I think kindness is one of the most under-rated attributes. 
Even used sparingly it is one of the things any of us can do to ease the path of another.
Unlooked-for and unexpected kindnesses can make even the greyest days brighter.

I've been watching for kindness all week.
I found examples every day - little things that made my heart sing, put a smile on my face, made my day.

My husband stopped on his way home to bring me coffee, a friend offered to look after my children so I could go to gym class, a text message commenting on the letter I wrote to the paper, comments on my blog, the grocer guy offering to carry my stuff to the car, the understanding smile from another mother when the 3yo let rip with yet another tantrum at the beach.

More amazingly I've watched my children being kind to each other.  Even in the middle of their long holidays when they've been thrown together far more than normal they are treating each other with respect and kindness.  Letting the 3 year join in the card game even though they know he will wreck it before the end, giving up the favourite red spoon to a sister, letting someone have first choice of the lollies; - watching out and caring for each other. 

I value kindness. This week I've been more aware of it than usual - but I'm always grateful for it.

I'm joining in with themed gratefuls at Kidspot.  Thanks Maxabella. xx


  1. Kindness share by our children always warms the heart, doesn't it?

  2. Beautiful photo, love the little flowers. When you look for kindness you are more likely to notice it, yes, it is a wonderful thing.

  3. kindness is so important isn't it?
    love the photo :)

  4. Lovely post Ally and a beautiful picture as always. Kindness is so important isn't it - and it doesn't need to be big things, the little kindnesses all add up.

  5. Thanks for this, it's nice to notice these little things that happen in the minutes we live though and others through Kindness make it easier as we go.

  6. Since posting 'kindness' as our word, I too have been amazed at all the kind acts taht happen every single day. It's a bit like the grateful thing - if you start looking for things, the drops soon become the sea. Or maybe 'the see'. x

  7. Kindness is such a wonderful attribute. I'm glad that your week was full of kindness, it's those little things that make you smile and feel good inside doesn't it? xx

  8. Your world is so rich....kindness included . I am going to look for it this week too. Thankyou xx

  9. I enjoyed reading your post Ally.It is so true Kindness is such a rich emotion to pass or receive, but sometimes little things are just taken for granted so It was nice to be reminded to notice it :)And of course I LOVE your picture :)x


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