Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~ endless summer ~

We're back.
We've been at the shack for 3 glorious weeks.
3 whole fabulous weeks.  I'm still smiling when I think about it. 

3 weeks of no plans, no appointments, nothing that has to be done (but so much to do).
       {It felt like running away from the real world}.

3 weeks of amazing weather  - like the "olden/golden days" of childhood summers.
      {We've actually been at the beach I spent my childhood summers at - its like my children are
          drinking in my memories - I love it}.

3 weeks of sunshine, sand, swimming and sports.  Of reading and sewing and lounging and "doing nothing".
       {we only had 2 ambitions for the holidays - to toilet train the youngest and get the middle one
         riding her bike - huge milestones - both achieved - yay!}

All of us being a bit slower, a bit more in the moment, a bit calmer, a lot more content
        {it's a lot to do with the 3 holiday rules - a swim, an icecream and a nap/rest every day}

We'll try to hang to those feelings as long as we can.

How was your holiday?
Any milestone achievements?


  1. It's nice to have you back, I've been wondering how you were:) It's sounds like you were having just the best time, you've painted a such a happy picture of your holidays. Our holiday was quiet, time at home, and a few day trips too, lots of playing, I wish it wasn't over. Holidays are such fun. xx

    1. It's lovely to be back Catherine. Are your holidays over so soon? We have 3 more weeks and still it seems too short. I feel so privileged to have this time with my children.

  2. Oh, lucky you. 3 weeks at 'a shack' sounds lovely, and reminds me of stories my mum tells of summers at their shack.

    1. We are incredibly lucky to have access to the shack - its my uncles and hardly ever used and perfectly daggy and child proof!

  3. Oooh nice!I spotted your umbrella picture way back and added to my favs love those colours just happy holiday pic! :)
    Love your rules too! Yes like Catherine we are back at it over here :) I am so grateful it was not pouring down everyday like the previous years!But we are catching up now :)
    Enjoy those memories and the last few weeks!
    Sandrine x

    1. Thank you sweetie - we will enjoy for sure

  4. I got goosebumpy reading this one! Welcome back, missed you! Sounds like you had such a wonderful break and those rules are a great idea - I will remember them for next time we head to the beach for a holiday. I want a shack...or even a camping trailer! Something to aim for. Our time off was wonderful - milestoney, well our little bubba Bean seemed to turn into a little girl over Christmas and New Years. Ahhhhhh. xx


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