Monday, August 31, 2015

~ taking stock August 2015 ~

It's a dreary grey day here.  My big girl is tucked up on the couch dozing after having 4 teeth extracted under GA in preparation for braces in October.  I've made some jelly for her dinner, lit the fire, put the washing on, tidied up and now I feel like napping too.  I'm quite the fan of the nanna nap.

I've been busily snapping blossoms like the ones above (they hang over our side fence outside the small boy's room) for a couple of weeks now.  They're almost finished - the burgundy leaves (probably my least favourite colour ever) are taking over and the petals litter the streets (pretty petalfetti last week when it was sunny - a soggy mess now after all the rain).

Spring starts tomorrow - my favourite time of the year - I'm looking forward to it.
Time for taking stock of where I'm at.

Making : another basket - but I'm sharing the needle with Lily (I'm teaching her to make a basket too so its slow going)
Cooking : jelly and soup - soft and comforting for that poor sore-mouthed girl
Drinking : cranberry and pomegranate tea (such a pretty colour) and icy cold water (straight from the tap - its freezing)
Reading: an old Margaret Atwood book for book club next week
Looking: at pictures of gardens and trying to decide what might be possible here

Wanting: a gardener to help me
Playing: words with friends (I'm a little obsessed)
Deciding: whether to invest in the property market - its a bit scary
Wishing:  it was mango season - I've got a craving
Enjoying: the fleeting blossom season
Waiting: for my birthday (it's soon)
Liking: the anticipation
Wondering: what to make for dinner tonight
Loving: my new wrist warmers (sent by a lovely IG friend all the way from Scilly)
Pondering: why anyone would go on the Bachelor
Considering: what to replace our MOG subscription with (today's the day)
Buying: so many books at the Book Week fair last week (I love that they all love books)
Watching: old episodes of Downton Abbey on Netflix
Hoping: I find my favourite red cardie I seem to have misplaced
Marvelling: at the number of unread emails on this computer - I read them on my phone and they end up on here unread but niggling at my conscience
Cringing: at the state of my desk
Needing: some exercise today
Questioning: our nation's priorities
Smelling: rain in the air
Wearing: jeans and ugg boots and a cosy jumper (this office is freezing)
Following: the unravel your photos gang and looking forward to my online classes which start next week
Noticing: just how big my little boy is getting (too quickly)
Knowing: I need to go outside and get more wood
Thinking: about too many things I can do nothing about in the wee small hours of the morning
Admiring: my daughters' gymnastics efforts yesterday - so proud of them both
Sorting: a huge pile of doilies and linens my uncle gave me over the weekend (they were my grandmothers)
Getting: excited about our holiday at the end of September
Bookmarking: more recipes I'll never make
Coveting: a Status Anxiety wallet I don't need (but its so pretty)
Disliking: how quickly the blossoms fade
Giggling: every day (lucky me)
Feeling: a funny niggle in my L knee  - I hope it goes away soon
Snacking: oranges - can't get enough at the moment (and dark chocolate - always)
Helping: out at school when I can)
Hearing: the fire crackling


  1. Hope your daughter recovers quickly - it sounds like she is being very well taken care of :) I think that dental procedures are the worst!

    I love Status Anxiety wallets, too; the colours are so lovely!

  2. Love those blossoms! And nanna-napping is high on the agenda here too :) Wishing you a wonderful birthday in advance! xx

  3. blossoms are the best - but they do disappear all to quickly!


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