Sunday, March 31, 2013

~ Sunday snippets (with bunnies and eggs) ~



Our week through my lens (es).  I've had all 3 cameras out this week - yay!

1.  Planted some more windflowers to fill some holes in our "forest of weeds" back garden.

2.  Had my first ever successful dying experirment.  This was a white shirt that had had a pink texta incident.  I chose some Rit pink dye and was thrilled with the colour and how the embroidery stayed white.

3.  A surprise.  My husband had this re-upholstered this week without telling me. I thought we'd decided the fabric I loved was too expensive and that we had other priorities!!

4. and 5.  We went walking at Mt Field National Park yesterday.  A 2 hour plus walk that we all did without too many moans.  The stillness and beauty of the bush and the waterfalls were amazing.

6. We've been making cards, envelopes and signs with these cute eggy stickers from here

7.  Unprompted democratic division of eggs after the hunt (in the sleety wind and rain).  Love them so much!

8.  I found these sweet chicks at Spotlight and filled them with eggs.

9.  We decorated the light switches as well.

10.  Gracie made me the sweetest bunny brooch at school.

11.  Pavlova for lunch is an Easter tradition around here - this one looked amazing but the collapsing sides needed a lot of cream support.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend with your loved ones.
Joining up here (even though we weren't as creative as some) with the lovely Em.


  1. Great job on your top, now it looks perfect AND unique. Your chair - well, it's simply stunning, what a wonderful surprise! The windflowers are so pretty, no wonder you planted some more.

  2. Oh I love all of these. Great result with the shirt. That chair is beautiful - what a surprise! Alison

  3. Gorgeous photos, great job with the dying- it looks as though that top was always pink! All your Easter lovelies look so cute & creative. And how lovely of your husband to surprise you with that chair- beautiful fabric.

  4. I adore that first pic!.....and adore that chair....great fabric choice! x

  5. ThIs is all so wonderful! Your top, the amazing chair surprise. Sweet unprompted sharing. And to top it all off the brooch is adorable and the pavalova looks divine. So lovely Ally xx

  6. Oh my goodness - that chair is just brilliant! xx

  7. i love that chair, the fabric is beautiful. we had pavalova on sunday too although it's not a tradition here. looks like you have had a lovely week x

  8. I haven't had a pavlova for years! You've got me yearning for one now :-)
    Happy new week!
    Sarah x


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