Monday, December 17, 2012

~ moments ~

Noticing that the sun has bleached the poppies and taking a moment to find the camera and record the fleeting beauty.

Wrapping my arms around that little boy and holding on extra tight, extra long when he demands yet another "cuttle".

Picking a handful of raspberries and eating them, still with the warmth from the sun in them right there and then.

Consciously pulling my shoulders down and taking those deep belly breaths before I tackle another task.

Really listening to another story of who-did-what-to-who-and-what-they-said-next in the afternoons.

Sipping that peppermint tea just a little more slowly.


These moments are helping with my sanity this week.
How are you faring?



  1. I'm tired. Very tired from a big weekend of Christmas parties and end of year functions. I think I may have hit my wall. Kids are still at school for the rest of this week, so slowly moving toward the finish line to a month of doing absolutely nothing! That's the goal anyway! Just read your last post too - love your mooo cards - love!! Your photos are always SO good. You could sell them!

  2. Beautiful shots and post Ally. I think I'd be fine (even got most of my Chrissy shopping done today), if it weren't for this darn hay fever. I feel horrendous. Anyway, soldier on and all that :)
    I will be happy to get through this busy week at work, get Molly's leg checked up on, the rest of CHrissy sorted and finally ON HOLIDAYS FROM WORK. YIPPEE!!!!! SO excited about that.
    Thanks so much for my good mail that came today. So lovely. The deccy is already on the tree. x

  3. Beautiful photos Ally. Such a chaotic time of year. We've been trying to do thinks slowly and simply. Enjoy your week x

  4. So very well said Ally. I've been taking lots of deep breaths, looking for the good moments knowing there is many more good than not and being grateful for them. Take care. Love your beautiful poppies. xx

  5. Such a beautiful flower - poppies are truly gorgeous.

    Nina x

  6. gorgeous photos :)

    we're getting there I think - mostly on track

  7. Ah, sweet fresh raspberries. The joys of having Christmas in mid-summer. We have long walks in the frosty woods to keep our sanity in the run up to Christmas x.

  8. Perfect words. Beautiful. I need to check on my shoulders xx

  9. Beautiful photos. Make me feel calm just looking at them! x

  10. Such a beautiful post. Those poppies are gorgeous. x

  11. Beautiful photos. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog :-)


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