Sunday, July 27, 2014

~ stills {from home again} ~

1.  The heart of our home.  The monthly wall calendar still has April's appointments - I'll get to August soon.

2.  The mural on the school sport's pavillion - Lily completed her part before we left - and lots has been added since.  Above her animal (not a rat as I keep calling it) is the motto...size doesn't matter - its so perfect for her.

3.  After school drop-off I often walk along the river to the beach - this is my view.

4.  The Doc fell in love with espresso for breakfast - he bought us a pod coffee machine this week.  He makes a good cup.

5.  The view of kunanyi (Mt Wellington) from our back deck - hard to believe it's winter.

6.  The littlest one had his first ever game of school soccer yesterday - he was so happy - and he scored a goal!

7.  Foraged wintery pieces for our bookcase.

We've been home a week.  I've unpacked (nearly) everything although it hasn't all made it through the washing machine yet.

We are slowly re-adjusting our body clocks, our routines, our clothing choices ... everything really.

The days have been chilly but clear and beautiful - it's  easy to remember why we chose here to make our home.

I'm joining in with the weekly stills collection at The Beetleshack


  1. Welcome home, all looks beautiful, love your after school view.

  2. Beautiful pictures of memories from your week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Your home is gorgeous. Great shots. Thanks for sharing!


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